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What people are now saying - October 2017

  • we made prior arrangement to hold our Eyeglass Assist project in Niue. Our contact person said “ thanks so much for offering to do all this, we rely heavily on yachts as our supply ships are not frequent”. 

  • the young man said “I never realised how much better it would be with glasses, I felt no eye strain last night.” 

  • on the island the sand is so white, the glare is so intense and the sun is so bright, it was wonderful the next day seeing all the school children with their sunglasses on, eye protection is so very important.

  • the councillor said to me on my way back to the island “I lost my glasses when I was swept from the cabin top of the supply ship into the sea, I didn't know when I would get new glasses, thank you for coming”. 

  • on a home visit the 88 year old woman said I will wear the sunglasses when they wheel me to church, the sun is very bright and it hurts my eyes, God bless you.

  • the mooring owner said now I can keep watch on all the boats in the mooring field, if there is trouble I will see. 

  • the young girl  seewho required -2.75 said with a huge smile on her face, wow look at the leaves on the trees, it is beautiful.

  • the nurse said to the young woman you are doing a lot of study you should have your eyes checked and after supplying her with glasses she said it is so clear I never realised my eyes are weak thank you.

  • the man who could see only the top 3 lines on the Tumbling  E chart without glasses said yes yes every line is clear, then turning around and said to all people "I can see, thank you this makes a big difference".

  • the nurse said “you have how assisted everyone on the island who needed glasses or sunglasses, they appreciate it very much”.

  • the islanders expressed their heartfelt thanks for us bringing our Eyeglass Assist program to their Island and we were very happy to do so.

  • After a short while of reading my eyes become very sore and watery. “My husband said ““just don't read any more, I said,  “”but l love reading”” so l continued to do so, these glasses will make it so much easier for me thank you”.

  • the dressmaker said “I gave up sewing years ago and now I can make clothes for the grandchildren and repair our clothes again”. 

  • the nurse said "the stitches will be so clear".

  • *** And at the end of the day we never know who is the winner – the people who have donated their old spectacles, - the dedicated volunteers from Lions R4S program who spend hours collecting, checking, cleaning, repairing and labelling the spectacles; the people who have received their new glasses; or us, the lucky ones who deliver the spectacles to these special people.  I think we are all winners.***

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