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What people have said...


  • The headman said "all my people are very happy that you came with the glasses and gave them for free, thank you so much".

  • The old fisherman said "I will watch the fisherman come home".

  • The lady weaving her basket said "very, very good".

  • The grandma said "now I can watch the children play".

  • The man said "I lost my glasses in the tsunami that flooded my island, I thought I would never have glasses again".

  • The young man (whose entire life is working fishing/gardening in the blazing sun) said "I am 35 years old and this is my first pair of sunglasses" .....With our limited supply of sunglasses we are always uncertain who should receive the sunglasses, the young to help prevent eye damage or the elderly who are already suffering & sunglasses will help ease their pain a little.

  • The young boy said "now I can go back to school".

  • A fellow yachty said "what you are doing is the best thing I have seen on my travels".

  • The old man said "I can see the birds on the wharf".

  • The drummer who required +3.25 glasses said "this will change my life".

  • The tourist said "this is wonderful I have been donating my old glasses for years and to actually see the people receive them is just fabulous".

  • The school teacher said "how wonderful I can see my students work".

  • The pastor said "now I can see again I can read the bible".

  • The fisherman said "I will see where the birds feeding".

  • Most say thank you with a smile we shall never forget.

  • The chief said "thank you for helping my people".

  • The backpacker said "that was awesome", he approached after seeing the large gathering of people and we asked if he would like to help.

  • Most of the time no words are needed, the sheer joy on the peoples faces a million words.

  • The carver said "now I can do better work. there needs to be no scratches".

  • The granddaughter said "it is so good you came to our island, the old people can not get glasses".

  • The hunters friend said "he was a very good hunter, now with his glasses he can hunt again".

  • Other cruisers who have visited some islands that years previously we had conducted our Eyeglass Assist Program at said we were fondly remembered as the Australian boat that had came to their island and gave glasses from the Lions Club to all the people that needed them.

  • The grandmother who lived on a remote atoll said "my grandson needs sunglasses he is in the sun a lot, my husband and I like eating birds and he catches them for us".

  • The man said "I cannot believe we came to our village to give us all glasses, thank you very much"

  • Many christians have said "now I can read my bible".

  • The teenager who had dropped out of school a few years earlier because of his poor sight said, reaching for his favourite book Harry Potter -  "I can see again".

  • The old mechanic said "these glasses are for work, not reading I can not use them for reading".

  • The young couple who escorted us around the village said "all the people are very happy to be given glasses that otherwise they could not afford or obtain, they are happy, we are happy and you are happy".

  • A fellow cruiser who stumbled across us on the veranda of an old fella's house said "I have never seen anyone so happy the instant that he put on his new glasses".

  • Friends of friends said "you can use our house to sort through the glasses", not sure if they knew what they were getting into.

  • Some villagers paddled out to Monkey Fist early in the morning to say goodbye they said "everyone in the village was very tired" we asked why and they said "they were up reading all night".

  • The artist said "I lost her glasses in the flood and it was very difficult to do my work".   

  • The fellow cruiser said " I think it's wonderful what you are doing and I would just like to shake your hand".

  • The sectartary's colleagues said laughingly "no need to help her any more, now she can see".

  • A good friend said "you can borrow my car anytime to collect the glasses, I love what you are doing".

  • The headman on another island said to a skipper from yacht anchored there "please radio Monkey Fist to find out when they were coming to my island. My people need glasses".

  • The son said "my father is very happy, he can help with mending the fishing nets, he is too old to go fishing".

  • *** And at the end of the day we never know who is the winner – the people who have donated their old spectacles, - the dedicated volunteers from Lions R4S program who spend hours collecting, checking, cleaning, repairing and labelling the spectacles; the people who have received their new glasses; or us, the lucky ones who deliver the spectacles to these special people.  I think we are all winners.***

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