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Title: Too Good To Use

Location : Alofi, Niue

Year : 2017

The only way available for the people of Niue have to have their vision checked is when, and if, they fly to New Zealand, pay to go and see an optometrist and then have the glasses made up to suit the prescription.

One very polite lady came to our vision screening session and told us that she had done just that a couple of years previously. She was initially a little reluctant to show me her precious glasses that she stored carefully in their hard case with a cleaning cloth in her hand bag. So she already had her own pair of glasses and wanted another. This is not a situation that is an issue for us, we will help anyone who comes to us as there is almost always a good reason for doing so. The glasses were bifocals so she needed both distance and reading glasses, not a problem we would see what we could do.

After talking to her further the full story came out. Her glasses had cost her $800 which is a huge amount of money for someone who has a meagre income. They were so valuable to her that the only time that she was willing to use them and therefore risk damage was on Sundays for reading her bible in church, the rest of the time she made do in her blurry world.

We found her the correct prescription for both reading and distance glasses so she could now go about her life being with clear vision and not have to worry about breaking her precious glasses.

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