Eyeglass Assist

Solomon Islands Project


Title: The beautiful niece

Location : Niue

Year : 2017

We were conducting our Eyeglass Assist session with the help from the crew of two NZ yachts Eudora and Kapai.  Tracey called me over to assist with an elderly lady, they had tried our range of readers with little or no improvement.  I spoke with the lady and we decided to restart at the lowest strength and work our way up.  The idea is to compare each following pair of testers to the previous pair to find out which pair is better.  While Tracey went back to work I was chatting with the ladies niece who was about my age.   The niece said she also was in need of glasses and when she heard about our program thought of she would bring her Aunt also.  She told me her Aunt had not been able to see clearly for many, many years and that she is not very mobile.  Because of her sight and mobility restrictions her days were mostly limited to sitting in front of the television listening to the shows, her vision was so poor that she could not see the screen.  

We were standing about two and half metres from the screening station.  Her Aunt with a pair of glasses on glanced in our direction, to our surprise she said to her niece 'l can see you, I can see you, oh you are so beautiful'.  We were all stunned, the niece could not believe her Aunt could see her.  The niece and I stood at about the distance the TV is from the couch at home while Tracey continued with the comparison this time with the elderly lady looking at her niece and posters around the room and found the correct strength for clear vision at that range.  

What a wonderful sight to see these two special ladies seeing and smiling at each other.  I don't think Tracey nor I will ever forget that moment.  

Unfortunately we could not assist the lady with the perfect pair of glasses for close work however she also receive a second pair glasses which allowed her to read the bigger print and see the pictures in the books.  The niece said this will change my Aunt's world.  The Aunt gave us both a big hug and said "I can not remember the last time I could see my niece, l had forgotten her looks, I will never forget this day that you came to my island. Thank you".  

We were all so happy.



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